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Luxury Champagne & Caviar Hair Care & Styling Products

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CAVIAR is rich in rare and precious nutritive substances such as essential fatty  acids, omega 3, vitamins A, B & D, proteins, amino-acids, and trace elements. Vitamin A helps to produce healthy sebum, which will prevent your hair from drying out and breaking off. A deficiency in vitamin D may lead to hair loss and omega-3 fatty acids may help reduce hair loss. It also has zinc, which is essential to your immune system and strengthens the hair follicles to help prevent certain types of hair loss.

Caviar extract also provides great anti-ageing benefits to your hair, a strong moisturising and nourishing ingredient, a UV protecting properties that help improve the texture and quality of the hair. caviar hair products can replenish the hair cells and leave your hair moisturised, will also promote the production of collagen and keratin, two proteins vital to rehydrate and moisture, fighting off external dehydration effects, UV radiation and other environmental factors, due to a high content of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.

Caviar will hydrate and condition dry hair as well as essential minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus can help to encourage healthy, fuller, softer and shinier hair, whilst zinc improves cellular regeneration to strengthen hair follicles, increase of hair’s elasticity and improves of scalp health. Luxury Champagne & Caviar Hair Care & Styling Products