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Wrinkle Ease Hand Cream  - Anti - Ageing Hand Cream -Facial For The Hands      125ml - BioLifting Wrinkle Ease Hand Cream Christopher Courtney

BioLifting Wrinkle Ease Hand Cream - Facial For The Hands 125ml


An intensely hydrating hand cream packed with effective natural goodness to prevent premature ageing and restores the skin natural balance, sealing in moisture, softening, firm, smooth wrinkles, add volume, and strengthens the skin and nails whilst leaving the skin tone and supple.


Apply to hands every time you wash your hands or as needed.


Key Ingredients & 

  • Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline: Has anti-ageing, moisturizing, firming and restructuring properties, Stimulates contraction of collagen fibres and protects the skin support tissue, it lifts the skin, remodelled and recovers a more youthful appearance, long-lasting moisturizing, triple action skin firming and effectiveness proven on volunteers compared to a recognized anti-ageing reference product.

  • VOLUFORM: A plumping natural alternative to lipofilling, gives volume and firmness and redefines the curves of the face and bust. stimulate cell detoxification, increases elasticity.                    



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